"You are what you eat" said Victor Lindlahr. Although I totally agree with this philosophy, I am deeply convinced that you are also what you apply on your skin.

As far as I can remember, I have always had a passion for beauty products. Over time, I first became concerned about the composition of the products I daily applied on my skin. The results were absolutely disastrous and I was thus determined to completely change my beauty routine. But I wasn’t ready to leave aside this touch of glamour I loved so deeply when I applied my face cream or my most sophisticated lipstick.

Creaminal-Beauty was born. I have selected for you all my favorite products, with the most natural ingredients possible, but always very appealing to the eye! Products that you will not be ashamed to put in your bathroom and that will turn your best friends green with envy. All this without any chemical or harmful ingredients for your skin and our Earth

I hope you enjoy discovering my website and all these handsome beauty products that will fill you with happiness, I promise!